Food Safety

Safe packaging
A large portion of the packaging manufactured by Schut Flexible Packaging is delivered to the food industry. Schut Flexible Packaging believes it is its responsibility to guarantee consumer safety when processing foods. Specifically, this means that we guarantee the supply of food safe packaging. Schut Flexible Packaging complies to the legal demands for foodsafe production and all required certifications. Our commitment to constant delivery of quality products combined with our aspiration for improvement, provides you with the guarantee that our products are safely delivered to you.
Continuous monitoring with own laboratory
Schut Flexible Packaging has its own laboratory facilities, which allows us to monitor the complete production process as well as the manufactured end-products at any given moment. When developing new packaging concepts, we have a wide variety of equipment and facilities to our disposal for analysis and testing.
Your product in safe hands
Schut Flexible Packaging is BRC Packaging, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. This ensures you that, from order to delivery, all requirements concerning legislation, environment and food safety are met. Your packaging products are in safe hands at Schut Flexible Packaging.
Developments food safety
Not only in the Netherlands, but also on a European level, requirements with regard to packaging materials are getting stricter. With regard to this, the subjects of labelling and food safety have received the most attention and bylaw EU 1935/2004 has been enforced. Additional legislation, EU 10/2011 in particular, can confront you with extra or new considerations regarding the products you use. Schut Flexible Packaging has all the facilities, knowhow and certifications to completely support your company in complying to this legislation.

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BRC Packaging certified